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Beijing, China,
Stop the Exploitation at Polar Bear Hotel – Sign the Petition NOW!
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China has a new attraction - the Polar Bear Hotel. It forms ...

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Lebanese “Animal Sanctuary” Slammed for Animal Abuse – Sign to Shut them Down
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Animal City in Lebanon has come to our attention because of this ...

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Antibes, Southeastern France, France
Help Lolita and All her Friends Find the Freedom they Deserve
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Despite overwhelming evidence that orcas suffer immensely in captivity, the Miami Seaquarium ...

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Finally: The Dog Meat Ban is on the Cards! Sign now to make it happen!
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It’s quite common for countries in Asia to serve dog meat. Yes. ...

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Faroe Island Massacre in 2021-2022 – Sign now to stop the slaughter in 2023!
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On a cloudy day in September, locals went on their traditional whale ...

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Each signature is a Kiss for Kiska – the Saddest Orca in the World
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Over the last year, things have gone from bad to worse for ...

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Declawed and defanged Lion Returned to Captor – Speak up for his release now!
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While the world struggles with the illegal animal trade one Chinese businessman ...

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Seoul South Korea,
Bella the Beluga – Put an end to Her Solitary Confinement Today!
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Imagine spending every waking hour of every day completely alone.  Never seeing anyone.  Never ...

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